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When we choose white satin wedding dresses and how to clean it?

When the most important day is coming, the bride Brides can't wait to choose their favorite wedding dresses.

There's a lot things to consider when bride picking the right wedding dress, and knowing what kind of style you worn can make the process easier.

Not all wedding dress fabrics are created equally, especially when it comes to seasonality..

"Just as you would choose to wear certain weight fabrics, patterns, or colors for autumn, spring, or summer, the same can be said about your wedding gown selection. But the rules over the years have definitely loosened up, and the bride has a plethora of choices." says bridal fashion expert Mark Ingram “However, to some extent, sartorial norms do still apply”.


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First of all, you should know the characteristics of satin wedding dresses, Especially white

The beauty of satin is the sheen, the hand, and the drape, It is the first-selected bride wedding dress for decades,

Satin is still a general term. There are traditional heavy wedding dresses, Modern wedding dresses use some knitted satin to better wrap the bride.


In the autumn and winter season, you can choose heavy satin, a larger trailing, extra formal and grand, satin wedding dress stands out in the lush woods,

Some fishtail/Mermaid styles are more suitable for spring and summer, soft satin wedding dress with accessories, pearls, veils, lace will build a romantic bohemian style for you.


Simple satin wedding dresses are more affordable than other style wedding dresses. You just need a little bit of embellishment and it will stand out immediately

If you don`t know which fabric wedding dress you fit, white satin wedding dress is a good choose. Because satin is always in fashion.

When you buy a white satin wedding dress, how to clean it ?


Cleaning a wedding dress can be intimidating, Fortunately, you can clean almost everything in a satin wedding dress from the comfort of your home, saving time and money.

Step 1

Do a quick spot clean. You need some warm water mixed with soap bar, and prepare a dry rag that is absorbent and must be white.

Pour the mixture on the wedding dress and wipe it gently with a rag to remove some stains.

Step 2

Remove the decoration from the dress, soak them in warm water, and wash the stained areas with soap.

Pay attention to be soft to prevent the fabric from fading and breaking.

Step 3

Apply natural fabric whiteners. Assuming that your gown is all white, you can remove yellowing from age, storage or even sweat by adding half a cup of lemon juice to the wash water. It will naturally remove stains and not harm the satin.

Step 4

Hang the gown out to dry in the sun. The lemon juice will interact with the sunlight to brighten up the whiteness of the satin even further. Be sure to spread the gown out as much as possible and use plenty of clothespins to distribute the weight of the gown evenly.

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